Listen, if you’re going to gatecrash a party as a journalist, at least master the basics:

1) Look the part: Carry a pro camera with a super telephoto zoom lense. For me, a Canon 1Ds MarkII with a 70-200mm zoom attached did the trick. What sort of tourist carries that shit?

2) Have a lanyard with laminated fake credentials. Nothing says, “I’m for real” like lamination.

3) Cover your fake ID with real ID. If you hand your bogus press credentials over with a real driver’s license and passport they will skip over the press cred and evaluate your real ID. Subconsciously, they would never expect a con artist to surrender real, incriminating evidence. It’s a confidence game.

4) Know the story/your subject: If they start asking questions, you better have answers. Do your background work to find out what the press conference is actually about and you might get in.

5) Be quiet, confident, and if possible, charming. Everyone responds to a smile.


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