I was very fortunate to be in a small 25-person audience for this private, 3-song concert performed by Bjork during a press conference at the Nordic House protesting the acquisition of Icelandic geothermal resources by Canadian firm Magma. They told us not to record video so I was respectful of that and only recorded this crude audo. I created the video so I am hoping it is OK to post on Youtube. Many Bjork fans have written me asking me to share this audio so I think it only serves to grow the love for Bjork, so there’s no harm in that. The tracks are unrecognizable to me, and are not part of her usual repertoire. I think one is an Icelandic folk song. She sings accompanied only by a piano. I must say that during one song when she really started howling my hair stood up on my arms. Her voice is so powerful, especially when she is only 8 feet away. I hope you enjoy.


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